Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Divergent Trilogy Rant

     Welcome to the latest installment of Nadia's Rants. Here, I rant about things that I just have to talk about and vent about. Usually, these kinds of posts make very little sense, and they're all over the place, filled with necessary (and yet totally necessary gifs). That all being said, I would like to talk about something that is a MAJOR problem today. Today, we are here to discuss a semi-new reveal on Veronica Roth's part. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS!!!
     Now, everyone, sit down.
                                                    Image result for sit down please gif

     Now that you are all seated, Veronica Roth has reveled that Four and Christina would fall in love 3 years after the epilogue.

                                      Not okay.:

     As in Tris' one and only love, and her best friend. As in Tobias and Christina. As in this beauty:

                                                       Image result for four divergent

     And this other beauty.

                                                           Image result for christina divergent

     This turns me into a wall of angry meat. "Why do you feel so strongly about this?" You are probably thinking. And let me tell you why. Oh, I'll tell you why. First, Tris and Tobias were supposed to be in love. Tris gave up literally EVERYTHING for Tobias and the rest of the world. She seriously DIED for the people she loved, and Tobias was really cut up about it. He had an amazing scene in Allegiant scattering Tris' ashes, and facing his fear. Then, he turns around and falls in love with her best friend. And only 3 years have passed. There's nothing stating how long someone has to grieve after the death of their alleged love, but 3 years just seems far too short.
     Then, there's the whole girl code thing. ya know, the whole I promise not to fall in love with your boyfriend. I get that Tris is dead, really. The code doesn't really count anymore, and it's kind of a moot point anyway, but just no... Christina and Four probably bonded over the fact that they each lost their one and only, but that doesn't make it any better. At the end of the day, Christina fell for her dead best friend's boyfriend.
     Besides the whole right and wrong of the matter, Tobias and Christina don't fit. Christina is to enthusiastic and wild for Four. He's kind of a chill guy. A little intense, but kind of... mellow. Christina is prone to fly off the handle, and she's a wild child. A truth-telling, straight-laced girl gone bad. Also, I can't find any cute pictures of them together. So that proves everything I've been saying.
     To make you feel better, here's this glorious gif:

                                         Image result for four divergent

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