Saturday, July 18, 2015

Shadowhunter News: The Cast

Okay, I know I've been kinda behind on news revolving around the coming ABC Family show, Shadowhunters, so I thought I'd catch up today. I'll be posting the cast that we have so far, starting with our main characters.

Clary Fray will be played by  

She's so pretty and cute!! But she also needs to be sassy to keep up with Jace. She also needs to be tough. I hope she can pull all of this off, because I really think she looks the part.

Jace Herondale/Lightwood/Morgenstern/Wayland will be played by

At first, I wasn't so sure about him playing Jace, but now that I've seen the pictures of him on set, I'm good with it. I just hope he can keep up and play this character well, because he's a sexy, snarky, and important character for this series. 

Simon Lewis will be played by

I can totally see Alberto as Simon. He has this sort of geeky look, but I can also see him as being really cute (which is totally Simon). I'm excited to see him on-screen! Even as a rat lol!

Isabelle Lightwood is going to be played by

 She's so gorgeous!! Like OMG I CAN'T EVEN!! I can't wait to see her play this beautiful, feminist, and badass character.

Alec Lightwood is going to be played by


Magnus Bane is played by

 DREAMY! He looks even better in-character (if you can believe it)!

Luke Garroway is being played by

I can already tell he's going to be an awesome werewolf!

Valentine Morgenstern is going to be played by

He was a mad/evil king on Reign and he was really great!! He will be an amazing villain!

Raphael Santiago is played by

 Wow. All I have to say is wow.

Hodge Starkweather is being played by

 He is so HOT!! OMG! This is probably my favorite cast member so far. Can anyone guess why? LOL! I feel kind of guilty since he's kind of a bad guy but....

Camille Belcourt is being played by

She's so gorgeous!! She looks so perfect...

Jocelyn Fray is being played by

Maryse Lightwood is being played by Nicola Correia Damude

Well that's everyone so far!

OMG seriously can't wait for this show because of this awesome cast!! It seems like ABC Family is working really hard to make the cast perfect. Almost everyone looks how I pictured them while reading the books :) 

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