Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boys in Books

          Think fast! What is in almost every single YA book? The answer (drumroll, please) is a boy. Whether he is a protagonist,  a best friend, a secondary character, or a love interest, there is a good-looking male in almost every single YA book. So much so, that it is unusual not to have a boy, or maybe two, in a book. Now, I'm not complaining, it's just a fact of life. Honestly, I love reading about different types of guys in books, because they are as varied as the girls we read about. There are the jocks, the musicians, the boys-next-door, the cuties, the evil jerks, the sarcastic bad boys, and it can go on and on.
          Personally, I love the sarcastic, bad boys. First off, reading about the sarcastic, witty phrases that they exchange with people is hilarious- I am very sarcastic, and they help me build up my repertoire ;). I love reading about sarcastic people, boys especially, because they are often super witty, and this leads to some really funny, and/or awkward, situations. The bad boys are the types who always have that super annoying smirk on their face, the type who avoid talking to anyone (even when they appear very rude), the type who wears leather jackets, the type who has some traumatizing back story that made them be awful. They are so fun to read about because they are the worst type of people, and yet they often have really cute quirks. Also, let's just face it, it's so darn amazing to read their sarcastic remarks. It really is. One of my favorite bad boys is Jace from The Mortal Instruments.
          Not only do I like reading about bad boys I also like reading about the boy next door. It's a type. Look it up. They're the sweet, family-oriented, funny, caring guys. If you were in a car crash on the middle of a highway, these guys would fix your car, and then take you out on a date (while he drove). These guys are the type who are always there no matter what. You can expect them to show up to your dance recital, and love every single minute of it! One of my favorite boy-next-door boys is Jace from My Life Next Door.
                                                                    Image result for ,my life next door
           Next, we have to talk about musicians. Nothing is cuter than having some guitar player, or drummer serenade a girl. It's really cute. AND they are also usually in a garage band, meaning that they are bad boys. It's a win-win situation, really. They are really nice,and you can bet that they will serenade their girl at least once. Hopefully, in some really cutesy way. One of my favorite musicians is Adam from If I Stay.
                                                                    Image result for if i stay book
          Finally, we have to look at jocks. *sigh*. For me, jocks are hit or miss. Often, they are jerks who are popular for being muscular, and being able to toss around a football. Really. They often are pretentious, annoying, and kinda.. cliche. However, if a jock is done right, they can be really funny, a strong character, and pretty darn sweet. At least, their girl gets free tickets to the games! One of my favorite jocks is Peter from To All The Boys I've Loved Before. (He plays lacrosse, yes, he's a jock. Accept it. Love him)
                                                                    Image result for to all the boys i've loved before
          Guys can be really hit or miss, but when done right, a guy can help make the story. If the girl gets a good guy, there's no better feeling than that. Yes, all my boyfriends are fictional. No, you can't judge me.

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