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The Mortal Instruments VS. The Infernal Devices

            The Mortal Instruments
             The Infernal Devices

Book One: Clockwork Angel

In comparison to The Mortal Instruments, there isn't as much humor. Magnus was in the book for a few pages and he didn't even say much that was funny. I was quite disappointed because, well, it's Magnus Bane! When doesn't he make an inappropriate joke that makes you laugh until you cry?

The main hottie, Will Herondale, is even more somber than Jace Herondale. Getting into life-threatening situations and brooding seems to run in the family.

Tessa, our main character, isn't Clary at all. Clary was a feminist and a girl who didn't need protecting all the time. She'd pick up a seraph blade or a stele and fight with everything she had! Tessa, on the other hand, doesn't fight and, due to the fact that she was raised as a lady, disapproves of woman fighting. Including Shadowhunters. I'm not saying that she isn't brave, because she is; I just want to see her in the action instead of on the sidelines.

Book Two: Clockwork Prince

In comparison to The Mortal Instruments, the London Institute's leaders (Charlotte and Henry) are around a lot more than the leaders of the New York Institute. Because of this, the students of the Institute are forced to listen and obey a higher authority, whereas in The Mortal Instruments, there wasn't really any parental guidance. (There was authority, but Jace mostly did whatever the hell he wanted). 

We saw Magnus more in this book, but whenever Will went to see him it was always on a serious note because he had a job for him. Though, there was one part that I found very amusing. When Magnus kissed Will to get back at Camille lol. Will was so out of it, he didn't even seem to realize what happened. Another thing about Magnus is that he's just realizing he's bisexual. I hope he starts to get more witty, glamorous and animated as the series continues. He's too serious in this series, it's unnatural after reading all his humorous comments in The Mortal Instruments.

In this series, since it's set in the mid-1800's, relationships are very different. Much more formal and dignified. Though, there are a few passionate kisses exchanged between Tessa and Jem, and Tessa and Will. Whew. I can't decide which series has steamier scenes.

Another thing that is different, is that two of the main characters, Jem and Tessa, get engaged. Jace and Clary didn't get engaged in The Mortal Instruments series, neither did any of the other younger characters. Though, Jem and Tessa's relationship is racing against time since Jem is dying.

Will is letting down the walls he's had built up around him for the last five years, because of Tessa, and because a burden was lifted. He confesses his love, only to be told that his best friend/parabatai beat him to the punch of getting the girl. In this series, or at least in this book, Herondale doesn't get the girl.

I don't know about you guys, but I'm totally Team Jem!

Book Three: Clockwork Princess

In comparison to The Mortal Instruments, instead of fighting and killing demons, the Shadowhunters of the London Institute fight and kill Mortmain's automations.

We get to read about what would happen/feel like if parabatai were separated. The rune bleeds and fades from black to a silver. It doesn't disappear, but when you lose your parabatai, it changes color.

We get a few more details about Silent Brothers in this series. But I want to know more! We know that Shadowhunters have to go through a series of rituals to become one, and have to have many runes placed on them, but I want the details! I want to know exactly how Jem felt during the transformation. I also want to know why Jem chose to be called Brother Zacheria, or if another Silent Brother chose the name for him.
In this last book, Tessa finally puts her powers to better use and actually joins the fight! In the last two books, she didn't really fight. She used her powers, but not really for fighting. In this one, though, she uses her powers to win the fight and destroy the Magister (a.k.a. Mortmain). I was very impressed by how she flourished in this last book.

The three main characters have this unbelievably strong bond that is unbreakable. Jem's love for Will and Tessa is what keeps him human for so many years, until he finally becomes human again in The City of Heavenly Fire.

I love how the characters from The Infernal Devices tie into The Mortal Instruments. I wish I'd  read these books sooner; I would have understood The City of Heavenly Fire more if I had.

The covers for this series are truly amazing!! They're just gorgeous!

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