Friday, June 13, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars: Differences Between the Movie and the Book

In the book, Hazel goes to visit Isaac in the hospital after his eye surgery. In the movie, she doesn't. Poor Isaac :-/

In the book, Hazel has a friend named Kaitlyn--who keeps up with Hazel's growing relationship with Gus. In the movie, Kaitlyn doesn't exist.

In the book, Augustus has former girlfriend, Caroline Mathers--who died of brain cancer a few years before. In the movie, Caroline isn't mentioned.

In the book, there is a comedic ad that Gus and Hazel put up for her "Desperately Lonely Swig Set." In the movie, though the swing set is there, they don't even try to sell it, or put up the fun ad.

In the book, there is a part where Hazel and her mother (Mrs. Lancaster) hears Gus crying and yelling at his mother (Mrs. Waters) before they leave for their trip to Amsterdam that is relatively important. In the movie, this doesn't happen.

In the book, Gus tells Hazel he loves her on the plane as they come back from Amsterdam. In the movie, he tells her at dinner at Oranjee.

In the book, Gus and Hazel sit outiside Oranjee and enjoy the look of the elm trees and the canal. In the movie, they sit inside.

In the book, Gus' obnoxious sisters and their husbands and sons are there constantly during his last days. In the movie, they have no screen time.

In the book, Hazel finds Gus mumbling in his sleep after he "pisses the bed." This is when she realizes that his cancer is taking its toll. In the movie, this scene isn't in the movie.

In the book, Hazel reads through comments on Gus' Facebook after his death, and isn't pleased about what she reads, leading to her sending another commenter a harsh message. In the movie, she doesn't do this.

In the book, Hazel searches everywhere for that letter Gus wrote for her before he died, until, finally, his parents tell her there are some torn pages of his notebook, and that the pages are missing. Not finding them anywhere, she decides to email Peter Van Houten--who sends her what Gus wrote to him. In the movie, Van Houten gives her the letter when he comes to Gus' funeral.

It was a very enjoyable movie! I really really liked it! And though I was a little disappointed about a few of these details they left out, I understand why they couldn't do everything exactly and put everything that was in the book into the movie.

It is a must-see if you've read the book!

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