Monday, April 21, 2014

Collide by Forever

Title: Collide (Special Edition)

Author: Forever

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Date Published: November 29, 2013

Genre: YA fiction, romance, fantasy, action

Pages: 430 (paperback)

Age Range: 13+ (abuse, language, suicide, and graphic violence)


Fated to love. Fated to break. Fated to die.

As a loner his entire life, Shay Pearce feels abandoned and left for dead. Being stabbed in the back more times than he could possibly count has left his trust broken beyond repair. However, all of that threatens to change the moment he meets Avalon. She’s flawless, friendly, and incredibly talented at breaking through Shay’s defenses—which drives him absolutely insane. But there’s something alluring about her upbeat attitude and playful sense of humor, and before he can stop himself, he’s falling for her.

When things take a turn for the worst, Shay discovers more about his world than he could’ve imagined in his wildest dreams. There’s far more to his existence than meets the eye. He knows one thing for sure: he has to fight the evil that haunts him. It’s the only way to save Avalon and finally get the vengeance that was always his. But some things were meant to be set in stone. If the course of fate cannot be altered, can Shay be saved…

…from himself?


The writing is beginner level, though it is still good. I feel like things weren't illustrated professionally; Shay's thoughts seemed too random in some places, and some other things seemed random as well.

The characters are good. Nixon is spunky and fun and sarcastic. Avalon is sweet but there's something boiling beneath the surface. Shay is troubled, his scars go deep. The storyline is original and thought out.

Characters have sex but chapter ends before anything actually happens, lots of cussing, father abuses the main character, Shay, and there is a lot of violence toward the end of this book. Character also drinks and cuts himself.

I liked the epilogue--it was sweet. I thought the final chapter was rushed. It really didn't make sense to me how Nixon and Shay could be over such a thing so fast.

I think Forever has a wonderful talent for story-telling, and will be a great author someday. 

The 2 short stories that come in this special edition are good.

Echo: set in one of Shay's past lives and takes you through one of his love stories. This story ends in tragedy, as does all of Shay's past lives. There is a nice twist at the end of this short story though--when it jumps back to present-day Shay.

Shift: told from Avalon's perspective. Begins in tragedy and ends with the beginning of new love.

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