Thursday, February 13, 2014

Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment by James Patterson

Title: Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment

Series: Maximum Ride series #1

Author: James Patterson

Publisher: Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Date Published: April 1, 2007

Pages: 464 (paperback)

Genre: YA fiction, suspense, action

Age Range: 10+


Fang, Iggy, Nudge, the Gasman, Angel, and Maximum: six kids who are 98% human and 2% bird. They grew up in cages, living like rats, but now they're free. When the bloodthirsty Erasers -- half men, half wolves genetically engineered by sick and sinister scientists -- kidnap little Angel, the Flock embarks on a rescue mission full of nonstop action, adventure, and soul-seeking -- not to mention a little bit of saving the world on the side.

After the mutant Erasers abduct the youngest member of their group, the "birdkids," who are the result of genetic experimentation, take off in pursuit and find themselves struggling to understand their own origins and purpose. 


The Maximum Ride series is meant for all ages, but there are scientific remarks that reach out. The characters are lovable, the storyline is adventurous and keeps you reading! James Patterson's easy reading makes you read more than you realize.

Max and Fang are my favorite characters. Max for her attitude and snarky remarks. Fang for his cool, reserved demeanor and amazing fighting skills. Though the whole gang has amazing fighting skills, Fang and Max are the protectors and everything they do and say is interesting.
I love the way how the whole flock acts like a family, how much they love each other and how far they're willing to go for each other. Writing is simple, easy to read, the plot is good, the characters are great and funny.

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