Monday, April 20, 2015

Shadowhunter News: Dominic Sherwood Has Been Casted as Jace for "Shadowhunters"

Okay, it's official....I am very sad and very angry to say that Dominic Sherwood. I DO NOT APPROVE OF THIS!!! AT ALL!!

I'm going to put some pictures down below; from slightly okay looking to just awful.

This one is "MEH"

 Again, "MEH"


This CAN'T be Jace Herondale!! It just can't!! Jace is supposed to be a total hottie! Sexy and hot and cute and totally snarky! The Jace from The Mortal Instruments movie (Jamie Campbell Bower) was better looking than this guy! He could also pull off Jace's demeanor. Jamie Campbell Bower looks snarky!
But, this guy (Dominic Sherwood) doesn't have The Jace Look...He just doesn't.
I'm severely disappointed and the first episode hasn't even aired yet....

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  1. I LOVE HIM! I really didn't like Jamie Campbell Bower, and I don't think he's good-looking at all.