Thursday, February 5, 2015


          Alright ladies n' gents, it's that time. Time to discuss a certain, highly-debated book series. Please know that everything below is my opinion. Mine. It may differ from yours, but that does not mean that either of us is wrong or right. So, let's all be nice to one another, and remember, that it's just a book series not a living thing. Okay? Okay. (See what I did there? John Green, anyone?)
          Is this book familiar?  

          No? How about this one?

          Still no? Any of these?

          If these books still aren't familiar to you, you must be living under a rock. And I would suggest that you stop reading this post and rectify that situation. Anyway, these books are some of the most highly-debated books of all time. Why? Well, I dunno... They're just about vampires and werewolves. I mean, they do touch the topics of teen marriage, teen pregnancy, and abortion... Oh, maybe that's why. Stephanie Meyer, Twilight author, touches on some heavy stuff while writing about forbidden love.
          Do I love Twilight? Um, no. I like it. LIKE being the key word in that previous sentence. I have some issues with it, and it's just not the best book out there, but I do enjoy reading it. So now, we will break down Twilight in all its Twilightyness. Warning: Some people might get mad. Whether you love Twilight or hate it. Let's remember to all play nicely, please. Thanks, that makes my job easier.
          First off, a lot of people complain about how Bella is an awful female protagonist. She's weak, whiny, and can't see straight without a man helping her. TRUE DAT. In New Moon when Edward leaves her, she basically becomes a moody hermit. She's indecisive and even when she has the best of both worlds (a hot vampire and a hot werewolf), she whines and can't make up her mind. That being said, I think that everyone can relate to Bella- at least a little. She's your average teenage girl, and that's part of why people like her. She's easy to relate to and that makes up her many, many, many annoying qualities.
          Besides Bella, a lot of people dislike Edward. He is over one hundred years old, and he is in love with seventeen-year-old Bella. Pedophilia, anyone? Also, he sparkles in the sun. Forget kick-butt, ancient, awesome vampires that we all know and love- Twilight throws every single vampire rule out the window. It's vampire sacrilege. But Edward is just kinda creepy... I mean, it's not romantic when someone sneaks into your house to "watch you sleep". Sure. He was just watching. No touchy. Besides being a creeper, he acts like an eighty-year-old man, even though he's trying to convince himself that it is okay for him to be with Bella (NO!!!).
          I love vampires- the bloodsucking, dissolve in the sun, evil vampires- and Twilight turns them into a joke. Like, really? "Vegetarian" vampires? That's really wrong. And sparkling? That's a crime. Stephanie Meyer takes a staple of literature -vampires- turns them into something else entirely. AND WE LET HER!! We put money in her pocket for ruining vampires! GAH!
           Twilight is sickeningly relatable. Don't roll your eyes at me. We can all relate to the thrill of new love. The glances, the weird mouth breathing that Kristen Stewart does, the fluttering heart, the stirring stomach, and maybe even the feeling when you get that person. We can also relate to the heartbreak. Bella does mope, but we can all imaging the ice-cream, tissues, streaked mascara, chick flicks, and pools of tears.
          It also has two hot leads. Whether you're team Jacob or Team Edward or Team IReallyDon'tCare, we can all drool a little over two attractive men, with flawed, and yet good, personalities. 'Nuff said.
          We can all be Bella. She's a blank, personalityless (that's a new word...) person that we can all reflect ourselves upon. We can reflect whatever we want upon Bella, because she is nothing if we don't. Thus, we often reflect ourselves upon her. Recently, I went through a tough break-up, and Bella's plight became my plight, even though our situations couldn't have been any different. Basically, Bella becomes who we want her to become because she's nothing if we don't.
          Now, I don't hate Twilight. I have a love-hate relationship with it. I love to hate it. As much as I hate to admit it, it's cute. It's a love story proving that love can conquer all odds. It's cute and sweet and gushy and girly and relatable. While I may disagree with it and hate it, Twilight has wormed its way into my little heart, and I suggest that everyone give it a try. A teeny little one. Just a little one? Okay. Thank ya for reading this long post everyone, peace out.

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  1. Found your blog from GoodReads!
    I just felt like Stephenie Meyer was lazy. She didn't give Bella any character traits so that girls could say, "Oh I'm just like her!" I hated that. And Edward was creepy, sneaking into her window to watch her sleep. Weirdddddd. Anyhow, great review. You've got a new follower!