Sunday, September 21, 2014

Top-5 Book Covers

   Here are my Top-5 book covers :)

   Frankly, I judge books by their covers. I know, it's something that we are constantly told not to do- but some of the best books that I have read have the most gorgeous covers. So without further ado, here is my list of top five book covers. Here are the guidelines for my list: 1) if a whole series has beautiful covers, I have to pick my favorite cover to represent that series. 2) The covers have to be from YA books (obviously). 3) These are just my favorites. 4) My favorite coves are not necessarily my favorite books. 5) The list starts from one (my favorite) and goes to five (my least favorite).

Cover #1: Rebel Belle by RachelHawkins. Let's just start with obvious: This cover is so pretty and pink! The pastel shade of pink looks so sassy on my black bookshelves and it makes me so happy! :) The necklace and knife pretty much envelope what the book is all about- it's simplistic, cute, and actually really pretty in a girly way.

Cover #2: To All The Boys I've LovedBefore by Jenny Han. Now, yes, I do wonder why there is a disco ball on the plant in the corner, but, ignoring that, this cover is fun. It looks a lot like a generic teenager girl's room, and the font is actually really pretty. A lot like Rebel Belle, the cover envelopes the gist of this book. The girl on the cover is gorgeous (!!!) and she looks a lot like I envisioned Lara Jean looking as she wrote her love letters.

Cover #3: The Madman's DaughterSeries by Megan Shepherd. I have to pick just one cover so my favorite one is: Her Dark Curiosity. This cover is dark and brooding, a lot like the book. The really simple shot of the girl in the dress is exquisite because: 1) I want that dress right now and 2) I want that girl's hair right now. Over-all, it's just a pretty cover and it was the wallpaper on my phone for the longest time.

Cover #4: Ruby Red Series by KerstinGier. My favorite one of these covers is Sapphire Blue. All of these covers were absolutely breath-taking and Sapphire Blue was like the icing on the cake. The cover is the most gorgeous shade of blue, and the picture on it is so pretty and old-fashioned. This one sort of leaves a lot lacking in summing up the book. Like, the other covers sum up the over-all theme of the book, but Sapphire Blue is lacking in this department somewhat. Both the hardcover and paperback versions of these books are lovely.

Cover #5: Cinder Series by Marissa Meyer. My favorite of this series is Cress. This cover is really pretty and it sums up the over-all gist of the book, however, it's only a half-picture and that annoys me sometimes. Anyway, the hair and girl on this book, automatically told me who this book was about- which I loved- without giving anything else away.

Tell me what you thought about my list, and tell me what your favorite book covers are in the comments :)

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