Sunday, August 24, 2014

If I Stay Movie Review

   Well, I finally went to go see the movie I've been waiting for....if i stay. Though the movie was good, I think it could have been better. It is worth seeing, I just think that they could have done a slightly better job.

Here are a few problems I had:

SPOILERS!!!! (obviously)

Teddy. When Mia finds out her brother, Teddy, is dead she is devastated. But theeeen a second later she's fine. All devastation, all emotional shock and grief and tears, gone!

Adam. He could have been cutter, no? Maybe just a little? I was expecting some eye-candy during this movie to lower the sadness scale lol. Also, his acting could have been better.

Acting. I thought the acting could have been better. The scene with Mia's grandfather wasn't as gripping as it was in the book. In the book he was sobbing, barely able to get a single word out as he talked to his unconscious, dying granddaughter, but in the movie, he only sheds a couple of tears.

Kim. I would have liked to see more of Mia's best friend, Kim, through the movie to show how close they were. The girls were like sisters in the book, always attached at the hip; in the movie Kim is pretty much on the sidelines.

Willow. Also would've liked to have seen more of Willow (who was also a big part in the book).

Here's what I liked about the movie (STILL ON SPOILER ALERT!)

Grief. Though the shock from Teddy's death was brief, when Mia finds out both her parents are dead there was a little more of a heart wrenching moment there. The grandparents' seemed almost indifferent to the whole thing compared to the book.

Mia. She played the hell out of her cello, just like in the book! It was amazing to see it (even though Chloe Moretz wasn't actually playing it) and her passion for the instrument.

Clips. I liked all the short and quick clips they showed as Mia processed her parents', and then brother's death. It was heartwarming and sad at the same time.

Ending. The movie ended just like the book. Mia opens her eyes to see Adam towering over her and he says her name before the scene goes white. Hahaha! Someone behind me in the theater (who obviously hadn't read the book) went, "What?!" a second after the movie ended. It was a perfect ending. Now they just need the sequel ;)

Tell me what you thought about the book or movie in the comments,

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