Saturday, April 5, 2014

Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks

Title: Message in a Bottle

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Date Published: February 28, 1999

Genre: Romance, adult fiction, contemporary

Pages: 384 (paperback)

Age Range: 13+ (no swearing but mentions of making love).


Divorced and disillusioned about relationships, Theresa Osborne is jogging when she finds a bottle on the beach. Inside is a letter of love and longing to "Catherine," signed simply "Garrett." Challenged by the mystery and pulled by emotions she doesn't fully understand, Theresa begins a search for this man that will change her life. What happens to her is unexpected, perhaps miraculous-an encounter that embraces all our hopes for finding someone special, for having a love that is timeless and everlasting....


A tragic but beautiful romance.

The book will get you interested immediately, getting you hooked the moment Theresa finds a bottle on a beach with a letter inside.

The chapters are long but you read through them pretty quickly. I don't usually like the narration style of writing, but it suites this novel. It gives you a chance to experience the sides of Theresa and Garrett without jumping perspectives for every chapter.

The two main characters are and aren't your everyday couple; Garrett struggles with the loss of his wife, Catherine, making it difficult to have a true relationship with Theresa. But there is a connection between them, a strong one, one that draws them together quick and makes them fall in love in a matter of days. The way they interact with each other is sweet and so natural.

After reading the last chapter, you will sit there for a few moments and feel the loss.

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