Thursday, February 13, 2014

Just Listen by Sarah Dessen

Title: Just Listen

Author: Sarah Dessen

Publisher: Penguin Group (USA)

Date Published: February 28, 2008

Pages: 400 (paperback)

Genre: YA fiction

Age Range: 12+


When Annabel, the youngest of three beautiful sisters, has a bitter falling out with her best friend—the popular and exciting Sophie—she suddenly finds herself isolated and friendless. but then she meets Owen—a loner, passionate about music and his weekly radio show, and always determined to tell the truth. And when they develop a friendship, Annabel is not only introduced to new music but is encouraged to listen to her own inner voice. with owen’s help, can Annabel find the courage to speak out about what exactly happened the night her friendship with Sophie came to a screeching halt?


This book is different from anything else I've read. Different as in . . . the writing wasn't really for me, but this is the first Sarah Dessen novel I've read and so not a fan.

The story was a little off too. There didn't seem to be a plot until the very end when the main character, Annabel, listens to a CD Owen made for her with the words, Just Listen, on the front. You couldn't really connect with the guy character, Owen, either. His personality doesn't really fit somehow with the kind of book she was trying to create. He's a little strange, but obviously the person Annabel needed to get through the crisis she had last Spring.

I didn't really like the writing in this book, it was almost as if a inexperienced teen wrote it, so it wasn't really for me because I like to read books that have more detail in them, and my writing style is in detail.

This book was quick and easy to read, it only took me four days to finish it and its a 400 page novel, so it's one of those quick-read kind of books that you can fly through in no time so you can get on to the next book you want to read......pretty much all I have to say about this book. I just wouldn't recommend it.

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